Blog/Article    17 Dec 2022

Written By: Cheyenne Lu

With the end of 2022 drawing near, our company held several activities to acknowledge our accomplishments this year, hope for a brighter future, and also give back to our society. Celebrating with a fusion of Taiwanese and Thai traditions, we made our offerings and prayers in the Monk Blessing Ceremony (ทำบุญ/ตักบาตร), donated to a local school, enjoy glutinous rice balls (Tangyuan/湯圓), and our longest employee's birthday.

Monk Blessing Ceremony (ทำบุญ/ตักบาตร)

Monk blessing our employees and our company with fortune and goodness followed by providing food and other donations to the monks.

Donating To Local Thai School

We offered small gift packages prepared by our employees as well as donations for scholarships to the school.

Dessert Together!

Together, we had glutinous rice balls and ice-cream along with the students.

Celebrating Our Longest Employee's Birthday

Happy Birthday P.Aor!